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Roller Shutters

There are many types of roller shutters for all different kinds of openings that you would want to secure. The main purpose they all have in common is to secure the premises or property that you own.

Listed below will be the main types of roller shutters that we both manufacture and fit for our customers.

If you are needing any more information, please do not hesitate to contact our office.


Commercial roller shutters are mainly designed for shop owners, these roller shutters can be both presentable and highly secure to protect business goods and possessions.

Most of our commercial customers will opt for a normal steel galvanised roller shutter reasons being they have a very quick turn around and it fits most people’s budgets.

However, we do offer a lot more customization such as we can powder coat the roller shutters any colour that you would want. There are different types of laths you can choose such as insulated or perforated.


Industrial shutters are mainly designed for warehouse owners, these roller shutters are made at a much bigger size for industrial warehouse openings.

Most of our industrial customers will opt for normal steel galvanised as they such a lot of money due to these shutters constantly running and having staff run them up and down.

These roller shutters are designed to take a hit from suspected robbers or vandalisers.


Domestic roller shutters are designed for inside and outside use for an office or house owner for added security plus to maintain a heating performance.

Most of our domestic customers will opt for a powder-coated roller shutter for it to look a
lot neater on their property.

These roller shutters tend to be a lot quieter due to the small sizes they are made in.

Fire Rated

Fire shutters are designed to prevent the spread of a fire in the building they are made with high-quality steel to help contain the fire.

These shutters are fitted with alarms that will set the shutter off automatically when the fire alarm is set off.

Fire grade shutters are used for added security for industrial buildings in case of any emergencies.

Sectional Over Head Door

Sectional doors are mainly designed for loading bays for businesses that have a high load of deliveries coming in and out of their warehouses.

There is a range of colours of panels that you can purchase when ordering a sectional door plus many automated safety features.