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Case Studies

Here you can see some of the feedback some of our customers have left us. All feedback has been written by our customers themselves.

We take pride in giving the best possible service we can provide, and here you can see our customers admire our service.

Access Self-Storage

We have been working with AGS Door’s & Shutters for over 6 years and they cover 45 properties in and around London, always providing a fast and reliable service at a very good price. Giving us security and a peace of mind with their 24Hr service being provided to us with a solution from broken shutters and broken windows.

The team is very friendly and approach us very professionally, providing a high standard of customer service and any advice we require.

-Timesh Patel


Budgens have been working with AGS for a very long time, during this time they have helped us out a lot and any security issues we have had have been solved very quickly and efficiently. The company has a great turn around time for works we require or repairs. They provide us with a very high level of customer service and product quality that gives our security on our shops the perfect touch.

The 24hr service AGS provide live up to their word and ensure our properties are protected at all times.

-Deen Vaidya

Yours Clothing

Responsive service and on many occasions, they have ensured that our stores are able to open for

Competitively priced and great standards. From a commercial perspective would definitely recommend AGS.

-Hollie Rudland