At AGS Doors &Shutters, we place your safety and security at the top of our list of priorities, and we have a wide product range that offers you comfort and protection. We offer general shutters and security products and measures, but we also offer a range of specialist security measures, that will be of greater benefit and interest to certain firms and companies. We know that many firms believe that they are a greater risk of suffering fire damage, and we provide a selection of security products that will provide you with added protection in this area. If you would like further information on our fire safety and security products, please get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.

We offer effective solutions

While our fire stopping shutters are simple in their execution, they provide an effective and reliable solution. The shutter contains a fusible link which will melt at a temperature of 68 degree centigrade. At this point, the link separates and the shutter curtain is released, allowing the shutter to be closed in a manner which is swift and controlled. If you believe that your premises are at risk of fire, this simple shutter is a great addition, allowing you to hold a higher level of comfort and confidence about the condition of your premises. There is an emergency operation for this style of shutter, which is controlled by a hand chain.

Our shutters are fully tested

As you would expect from a product of this nature, our shutters are fully tested and we are pleased to say that they comply with all relevant British Standard regulations. Our team are extremely confident of the fire prevention qualities of this style of shutter, and we believe it is one of the most effective fire stopping shutter products available on the market today. If you are keen to ensure that your building or premises has a reliable and effective fail-safe model when it comes to stopping fires, you will find that we have everything you need at AGS Doors &Shutters.

We offer great value for money

While we are extremely proud of the high level of safety and security that is on offer from our fire shutters, we know that our customers are looking for value for money at every point. We believe that the quality of the product, allied to the high level of service we provide, and the reliable nature of our fitting services, ensures that you receive the best product for the best available price. The peace of mind that comes from knowing your property, stock and fixtures are being well protected is a great comfort for all business owners and out fire stopping solutions are a great addition to any property.

You can trust AGS Doors &Shutters because:

  • We have great experience in the industry
  • Our staff members are skilled and experienced
  • We are happy to offer help and guidance
  • We provide a value for money security solution
  • We aim to ensure your shutters are properly installed
  • We work with firms of all sizes

If you are keen to ensure that your business is properly protected from fire damage, our fire stopping solutions will offer comfort and peace of mind.

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